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Camp on Camp

Collection Introduction: Camp is flamboyant and unapologetic, camp can be hard to describe, but  you know it when you see it. Camp can also be defined as: rustic, recreational, accommodations that teach about independence, community, and resilience. When these collide you have Camp on Camp.


Selected Photographs from Wearable Art 15 in Dunedin FL.

Media: Fabric, wood, recycled, and found materials

Wearables Designed by: Johnson R. Hunt

Photographs by: Mikell Herrick

Camp on Camp began as an exploration of nostalgic memories and skills obtained through experiences with the Girl Scouts and camping. I began connecting these memories with my interest in present-day survivalist preppers. Similar to these survivalists, I fantasized about my ability to me completely self-sufficient if the situation called for it. Like many people, this desire stems from my anxiety about the future. While I allow myself give into these interests, the other side of my brain pokes fun at the notion of complete self-sustainability.

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