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The Same and Different



This site-specific installation is comprised of multiple trace monotypes (or rubbings) of a single tree round on cotton muslin. This piece, a continuation of a Michigan-based reforestation project from last year, began as an effort to count tree rings to determine the age of a tree. This led me to discover my method of creating rubbings which, I initially exhibited as panels during last year's ArtPath. Although each rubbing is taken from the same tree round, the result is a subtly distinctive print.

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Grove or Glade


Installed as part of Artpath in Lansing, MI

This installation’s rubbings are each taken from a reforestation project in Interlochen, MI. The goal is transitioning 10 acre red pine plantation to a native and diverse Michigan forest. Planted approximately 70 years ago by the Civilian Conservation Corps, these trees were originally intended to be used as telephone poles. Now, past their prime, these pines have created a mono-culture, crowding out other types of trees and biodiversity. Selectively thinning areas of this pine plantation will provide additional light encouraging new growth and capturing carbon. These strikingly gridded pine plantations can be seen all over Michigan. 

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