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The Wedding Gift:

A Collection of Stories of Love, Marriage, Weddings, and The Dress.

The Wedding Gift has been an ongoing-multi year project. It is a collection of physical items, wedding gowns and veils that become transformed. But, more importantly, it is a collection of wedding stories. These stories take place through conversational interviews. These discussions vary based on my familiarity and experience but they share the use of the tactile element of the wedding gown to access memory.  There is a dialogue that happens when physically holding, touching, smelling pieces from the wedding. Connections form between craft, materials, labor, love, and more. Discussing the wedding gown gives insight into the history of the bride and her family. It serves as a conduit to the memory of the wedding, relationship, and family. This usually leads to a discussion about love and marriage, values and politics, and... sometimes fashion.


*Since the Covid-19 Pandemic I have been thinking more about the fragility of life. I plan to use the next few months pivoting this project to archive the stories of those in high-risk categories, elderly, individuals and families who have been experiencing even more loneliness, and isolation since quarantine. I hope this project helps them feel more connected to their community.

A Pink Dress, Pitbull, and Fender-benderInterview with Megan
00:00 / 27:49

The Wedding Gift #2 

Found and Donated Wedding Gowns and Veils, Wood


God Forbid It Was Double BreastedInterview with Jean
00:00 / 10:17
Earth Shoes and Hot PantsInterview with Anna
00:00 / 14:24

The Wedding Gift #1 

Found and Donated Wedding Gowns and Veils, Wood


Interview with Mom
00:00 / 20:04
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