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I Know It's Not the Things That Matter

The Bank Owned series, Evaluating the Repercussions of the Housing Crisis, is a comment on the economic situation of the United States that has turned us into those whose fate is deemed by the variables of wealth and debt. The piece is a reflecting place where individuals may contemplate the once strong, now frail man whose only option is to rebuild with the few scraps he has left. In Take a House, Take it Home, I invite the viewers to take a plush house. As the houses are removed, the neighbor resembles local neighborhoods victimized by the housing market. The plush houses are handheld and hold a feeling of preciousness so that you can take a home wherever you go. The cloth material and handmade sewing refer to the domestic while the blank care instruction tag speaks to mass production of houses.  The cement foundations symbolizes the idea of the home being the foundation of family as well as referring the overbuilding of homes that occurred prior to the market collapsing. 2009-2012

Take A House, Take It Home

Induce Vomiting

Drive By

Double Down

'Vacation' Homes

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